Monday, November 26, 2007

AT&T's questions for Android

Epicenter, Wired's business blog managed to get a little more response from AT&T, than the vague "analyzing the situation" stance that was in the news last week. In the article AT&T Articulates its Open Handset Alliance Concerns:
Contrary to what the Wall Street Journal recently reported, AT&T's lack of OHA involvement does not seem to be linked to any contractual agreement with Apple. Instead, like everyone else, the company is simply waiting to see what this whole alliance business will mean for the mobile industry.

A company spokesman did get back to EPICENTER and outlined some of the company's more pressing concerns re: Google's Android and the happy-go-lucky alliance.

According to AT&T, those questions include:
  • What will customers get on an Android-powered phone that they can't get on their current devices? New content? New applications?

  • Will the system be secure enough to prevent viruses, hacking and other potential problems?

  • What safeguards will be in place to protect customer's privacy?

  • If Gmail is the default e-mail, how easy will it be for customers to access other email platforms?
In other words, how much is Google's new OS going to crap up the traditional carrier business model and take control away from likes of AT&T and Verizon?

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