Friday, November 23, 2007

Worst Android Critique so far

Robert Scoble takes the cake for posting the worst critique of Android so far: Google Android: we want developers but….

You know that post is going to be pretty bad if it criticizes the Android user interface because it has...
Too many metaphors. One reason the iPhone does so well is because the UI is fairly consistent. Fun, even. How do I know this? My ex-wife hates technology and she bought one and loves it. I try to imagine her getting a Google Android phone and getting very frustrated with a mixture of drop-down menus, clicking metaphors, and touch metaphors. At some point she’ll give it back and go back to the iPhone, which only presents a touch metaphor.

Come on now, Scoble! Android is a platform with a software development kit. It is supposed to offer the widest choice of popular UI options. Repeat: those are just options. It is upto each person who implements Android on a particular mobile device to pick and choose which UI options are offered to the end-user and how they will behave. In other words, Android's UI can be implemented for the simplest of simple phones which just have numerical buttons plus a call and end-call button as well as for a totally touch UI like that of the iPhone.

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