Thursday, December 6, 2007

Android Developer Challenge: Real-time Android Emulator

Here's a fun project for those of you participating in the Android Developer Challenge.

Create a desktop emulator, which mimics everything that's happening on your Android phone screen... in real time.

I know, the Android SDK already comes with an emulator. That is not what I am talking about. I am talking about an emulator on your computer screen showing you the exact same thing that's happening on your Android phone screen, while it is happening. This would seem almost as if the images from your Android phone were being projected onto the computer screen via Bluetooth or WiFi. But, it's not just a projection of screen images. It should be a full functional emulator, which allows you to do everything your Android phone can do.

Couple of scenarios off the top of my head where this would be fun:
  • Suppose you are sitting at your computer in one room of the house, and your Android phone is somewhere in the pocket of your pants, in the wardrobe, at the other end of the house. When a call comes in on your phone, you should be able to accept the call and have a conversation through the emulator on your computer screen. You should be able to make calls, send and receive text messages, play phone games or use any of the fun applications that run on your phone, via the emulator.

  • In another scenario, suppose your Android phone gets stolen. You should be able to bring up the emulator on your computer and see exactly what the thief is doing with your phone, listen in on his calls, etc.. Heck, you should even be able to control the phone's camera to take a picture of the thief and/or his surroundings.

No doubt, there are many other interesting scenarios or applications where such an emulator would be useful.

The best part of this project is that, the Android SDK already has an emulator. So, developers just have to figure out a way to connect the real phone to the emulator, and make them mimic each other.

Sound like fun yet? Yeah, I thought so!

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NetSkay said...

this already exists for windows mobile phones, without the listening to calls part, and unless u get a data plan and are connected to the net, u cant do any of that, and a smart thief would quickly disable all internet connectivity, ur best bet is GPRS locator for thiefs, since android phones will be proprietary, it can store coordinates and beam them everytime connected to the internet...

but all that is pretty stupid anyways... just report ur phone stolen and get a new one... as for remoting, why would u wanna do that when ur computer can do much much more

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