Thursday, December 6, 2007

Android Developer Podcast

The Android Developer blog posted a podcast by two architects on the Android engineering team, Dianne Hackborn and Jason Parks:
Dianne and Jason share a background at both Be and PalmSource, and talk about how that experience has been applied to Android. Other topics covered include:
  • Some history behind the project
    The high level architecture of Android. For example, how Linux processes handle the VM and manage security (the VM doesn't handle it)
  • Details on the Dalvik VM and how it is optimized for small devices
  • The architecture: From Intents to Views to Permissions and more
  • How XML is slow, but the tools convert the XML to a nicer format for you
  • The tooling and steps for building an application on Android
  • How so many objects have a URL, and how the environment is like a mini-SOA (Services across processes instead of across the network)
  • Thoughts on how you program for small devices, and things to watch out for if you move from the desktop
  • The control, or lack of control that you have over the application lifecycle
  • "Everything you do drains the battery"
  • The thread story: they exist, you don't have to deal with them if you don't want to, and the UI
  • Using XMPP for messaging

That's quite a list! I have not heard the podcast yet, but if something in it screams out at me when I listen to it, I will be sure to blog about it.

You can download the podcast here: Android Developer podcast by Dianne Hackborn and Jason Parks

[via Android Developer blog]

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